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Northeast Chapter IECA

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Description of Positions

If you're on this page to read the job description for Northeast Chapter ("NEC") State Representative, please note that the NEC Board of Directors typically meets via conference call, not in person - we would if we could, but meeting in person is simply is not practical on a regular basis.

Per NEC Bylaws

  • Chapter Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) are nominated and elected by the sitting Board of Directors ("Board") at the Board Meeting held in conjunction with the annual chapter event (which the NEC holds in the fall).

  • State Representatives are nominated and elected by NEC members from their respective states. Ballots are counted and results announced at the Annual Membership Meeting held in conjunction with the annual chapter event.

  • Representatives At Large are nominated by the Chapter President and approved by the Board of Directors.

  • When a seat on the Board is vacated mid-term, the President nominates a replacement member with approval from the Board.

The NEC Board and NEC committees typically meet via conference call using a toll free access service. Per the NEC Bylaws, Board members are required to attend the first Board Meeting of the year, which is to be held in conjunction with the annual chapter event. The Board will meet in person on Monday, October 27, 2008 at the Wyndham Portland Airport Hotel as part of our Annual Conference & Trade Exposition.

The NEC posts a schedule of Quarterly Conference Calls on the Calendar page of this website at the beginning of each year; these calls are open to all NEC members and friends. If a vote by the Board is needed, the Quarterly Conference Calls may double as a Board Meeting; otherwise, attendance by Board members is encouraged but not required. The number of meetings that are actually designated as a "Board Meeting" is limited to as few as possible so that the attendance requirement in the job descriptions for Officers and Representatives will not be unduly burdensome. The Board occasionally votes on chapter business via e-mail following a conference call if a quorum of the Board was not present on the line; we will be examining our bylaws prior to the Annual Membership Meeting to determine if a change should be proposed to support this means of doing business.

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